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3 Top Reasons to Visit an Obstetrician


Reproductive health is a top concern for a lot of people. One way of staying healthy is by regularly visiting an obstetrician. But many people find the visit quite intimidating, and some avoid it altogether. But given the critical role these medical specialists play in taking care of a person's reproductive health, you ought to visit them at least once a year. Find out why visiting an obstetrician is not something you should overlook.

1. They Ensure You Get the Right Birth Controls

As you age, your body's hormonal balance and chemical composition change. So, a birth control method that worked last year might not be suitable for you this year. By attending regular check-up appointments, you learn new birth control methods each time, making it easy to find the one that suits you best. Essentially, your doctor first questions you about the body changes you are experiencing and carries out tests to determine the condition of your body. After a proper analysis of your body, they guide you on the best birth control methods to use.

2. They Help Improve Breast Health

The rate of breast cancer across the globe is alarming. For that reason, doctors and medical agencies advise people to examine their breasts monthly. If you examine your breast and feel a lump, no matter how small it feels, you need to see an obstetrician as soon as possible. They will run some tests to find out the cause of the lump. Even if you do not feel anything strange in your breasts, visiting your obstetrician at least once a year for a professional breast examination is advisable. Remember, it is possible to fight breast cancer as long as you start the treatment early.

3. They Carry Out Pelvic Exams

Many people tend to ignore pelvic exams. But it is indispensable since it plays a vital role in overall health. Typically, those with a uterus at the age of 21 years and above should get an annual pelvic exam done, especially if they experience pelvic disorders, irregular menstrual periods, pelvic pain, or vaginal discharges. The obstetrician checks for any signs of sexually transmitted disease, uterine fibroid, cancer, or ovarian cysts during the test.

The above points are the convincing reasons why you should never miss your obstetrician appointment. When it comes to reproductive health, prevention measures are essential. That is why you need to make annual appointments with the obstetrician without fail. However, if you experience some complications between your check-ups, call your obstetrician and book an appointment right away. 


10 May 2021